• Suparto Darudiato
  • Denny G. Purnama
  • Yunus Widjaja
  • M. Ega R. Rabbani
  • Auliadinda Harsono


Information systems strategic planning is an important aspect of determining the direction and goals of an organization. With good strategic planning, an organization's business processes can be in line with the vision that has been planned from the start and can achieve the goals that have been set. The planning strategy of an educational institution has an important role in coordinating the goals to be achieved by the institution. Competition in the education industry is currently very tight, so institutions must have appropriate planning strategies for each division that influences its business processes. Based on this, this research aims to broadcast business strategies with a strategic information system in order to increase the competitiveness of an institution compared to other institutions. This research began with data collection by conducting direct surveys and questionnaires to several samples of educational institutions. After that, all data is tabulated into a strategy map to show relationships from various points of view. As a result, a model was created to solve common problems that exist in educational institutions. In conclusion, a good strategy in an educational institution can make a positive contribution to the development and achievement of the goals of the institution in particular.


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