Pengembangan Media Ajar Kartu Perawat dengan Pendekatan Content-Based Instruction

Alvina Yolanda, Dewi Ismu Purwaningsih


The purpose of this research is to design a learning media product in the form of a game, called the Nurse Card (KaPe). This game is designed using a Content Based Instruction (CBI) approach where KaPe integrates English material into Nursing Science learning which includes basic nursing actions and disease diagnosis. The research method used in this study is Research and Development which includes the stages of need analysis, product design, product evaluation, and product testing. The subjects in this study were class of XII students of SMK Kesehatan Cahaya Bangsa, Kubu Raya. Meanwhile, the research instrument used to collect data includes observation sheets, questionnaires, interviews, media and material validation questionnaires and student response validation questionnaires to product trials. The results found in the study were the Nurse Card game media (KaPe) which was developed with the Content Based Instruction approach was feasible and effective to be used as an English language learning medium for Nursing Vocational Schools. Some of the advantages of this product are that it provides opportunities for students to develop integrated speaking, reading, and listening skills; increase students' interest in learning English; provide opportunities for students to collaborate because they are played in groups; provide a situation or context for how the language is used in actual use and provide opportunities for students to interact authentically, making it easier for students to acquire language. However, teachers need to allocate time and ensure that the students remain in control when learning takes place through this game.


development; learning media; nurse card game; content-based instruction

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