Preservice Teachers’ Professional Learning Orientation in Campus


  • Dedi Irwan



Teachers, Preservice Teachers, Professional Learning Orientation


This study emphasizes the importance of student understanding in the implementation of professional learning orientation (PLO). PL requires students as preservice teachers to continue to develop in order to increase their professional capacity in continuing to learn, and this capacity increase is correlated with improving the quality of student learning if the orientation is to become a professional teacher. The number of samples is 100 students of total. This research used quantitative descriptive method. Data collection techniques used are indirect communication techniques. This study used a closed-ended questionnaire consisting of 20 questions. The data that has been collected in this study was inputted and quantified using a dummy value of 1 to 4, After the researcher got the result from the questionnaire, then the data was processed by the researcher using the SPSS (Statistical Product and Service Solution) method, to show the pattern of practice factors for pre-service teachers in PL (Professional Learning). The results showed activities in two factors REO (Research, Evaluation, Orientation) and CSCD (Collaborative Social Capital Development) as preservice teachers at PLO (Professional Learning Orientation) at the IKIP PGRI Pontianak Campus. From the finding that has been presented, it is expected that students as preservice teachers can maximize every learning activity in these two factors in order to increase their capabilities as students with level value of high, especially those who will become teachers in the future. The results of this study are recommendations to provide insight into the Professional Learning Orientation (PLO) which can be a learning reference for all students in developing their learning techniques in studying, especially if the orientation is to become a professional teacher.


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